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(2 Pack) 1/8" Thick Clear Acrylic Sheets - 24" x 36" Pre-Cut Plexiglass Sheets for Craft Projects, Signs, Sneeze Guard, and More - Cut with Laser, Power Saw, or Hand Tools

Made from Top Quality Acrylic: An ultra-clear finish with no cloudiness or scratches, this 1/8” thick cell acrylic will be the perfect material for your crafting projects, business signage and so much more! Each sheet comes with a blue protective film, please make sure to pill them off before using. Use with Cricut, Laser Cutter and Power Tools: No melting, scorch marks or burns during laser engraving. Easily bore holes with a drill or cut with a mitre saw, jigsaw, router, table saw or rotary tools for clean, polished edges. Great for Display Cases, Home Décor and Shelving: With so many options, you’ll love this multi-purpose acrylic square! Create see-through birdhouses, acrylic cubes and platforms for retail merchandising and holiday tree ornaments! Durable, Weather and UV Resistant: Great for outdoor projects! Stronger than glass panels, so use any place you need the safe, shatterproof plastic panels with the clarity of glass. Add to Your Cart Now: With such a versatile material, you’ll be crafting and designing like crazy! So buy several!