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2 Pack Stackable Refrigerator Drawers Pull Out Bins Clear Fridge Drawer Organizer Food Storage Containers Plastic Veggie Fruit Produce Saver for Pantry Kitchen Freezer

Do you have cheese scattered around a shelf on your refrigerator?

Are you still troubled by the lack of a deli drawer in your refrigerator?

With this, you can put all cheeses and deli in the drawer and have room on the top for other dairy items like sour cream, cream cheese, etc. 

This is the perfect size can freed up a bunch of room in your frig. It pulls out smoothly, appears well made of thick plastic, and has an easy to see handle.

You can place them side by side or stack, and easily remove a drawer to the prep counter without moving the rest of them.

Note: Not dishwasher safe. Not microwave safe.