2PCS Non-Slip Pee Pads for Dogs Pet Blanket 54" x 54", Washable Puppy Pads with Fast Absorbent, Reusable, Waterproof Rug for Training, Whelping, Housebreaking, Incontinence for Dog Playpen

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Why choose our whelping pads? Washable pee pads can be used for 300 of times Easy to clean, 48 barely fills the interior space of the 48 X 48 inch play pen or whelping box,having the 6 inches extra make liquid containment better and easier to maintain Soft and waterproof to be used as a cover for dog bed Anti slip rubber backing has won the love of the puppy,precise stays in the place. Can be cut edges won’t unravel,easy to fit any whelping box,playpen,fence indoor,crate,kennel Available sizes of dog bed mats 36x41,36x48,65x48,54x54,72x72 Package 2 pads in each package not including playpen 4 layer waterproof whelping mat Fast absorbent material in 1st layer keeps our puppy dry during the night We can have fun with our pet on the bed or car seat, don't worry about the urine through to the puppy pads thanks to the 2nd layer uses the highest quality waterproof material PU Whelping mat are sturdy enough to withstand the chewing of the puppies Rubber dot used in 4th layer to precise keep the dog pads stays in the place, no matter how naughty our puppies keeps crawling. How to train our dog? Usually, our dog is about to pee, he will starts to sniff around, now quickly guide it to the pad, show our anger if pee on the floor, and clean without leaving a smell ;On the contrary, give it a reward, such as feeding something and praising “good boy”, if the urine is properly on the pad. Repeatedly, puppy will have a good habit of using a padService We will feedback in 24 hours


  • HIGH SOAKING &LIVE SAVER–Quick absorbent and hold 8 cups( 68 oz ) of liquid ; top layer grey colour covers any stains that might be on the pet pee pads ,no leak through or smell,well prevents tracking,keep puppies dry all the night.
  • NON-SLIP&EASY TO WASH -Upgraded non slip rubber backing maximizes doggy potty pads stay on bed or floor, puppies crawl more easier; just throw into the washer wash warm or cold water and Low setting in dryer or hang to dry, sanitary, stain free and good as new
  • DURABLE&ECO-FRIENDLY- Washable and reusable 300 of times,a must for any kind of housebreaking school for puppies kittens or bunnies; an excellent economic and environmental, beats buying endless bags of wee wee pads
  • MULTI-USE-Large size 54" x 54" dog pads perfect fits kennel crate and whelping box 4ft x4ft ; training puppies pee in playpen or assisting incontinence elderly dogs,good protection for bed,sofa, furniture ,wood floor,carpet,car seat; ultra waterproof also be used as door mats or floor protectors underneath the water bowl
  • NO MESS-After puppies potty training through pet pee pads ,we will feel relieved leaving doggie alone at home while us work.Even for 24 hours, floor still remain clean up.Warning we just sell dog pee pads no playpen