4 Quart Clear Storage Latch Bins, 4 Pack Clear Stackable Storage Organizer Box with Brown Latching Handle and Lid

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Multi-purpose 4 Quart Clear Plastic Latch Storage Organizer Box with Handle/Latches, Storage Bin with Lid (4-Pack) Storage Bins Material Made of high quality and durable plastics, shock resistance is very good, box body is strong and durable enough to handle heavy loads, which can be holded up for long-term use. Storage Box Size Outside size : 9.6"L x 6.5"W x 5.7"H Volume : 4 Liters Liquid volume : 4 Quart Extensive Everyday Use This versatile plastic storage box/bin can be used everywhere you need, including dry goods storage, site tools, storage room groceries, children's toys, drinks, snacks, candy. May also store short-term storage products such as flour, pasta, honey and other items that may spill or leak. They make spills easy to clean by keeping them in containers.


  • IDEAL FOR SMALL AREAS: With dimensions of 9.6 x 6.5 x 5.7 inches, our clear storage bins are designed to fit into cramped spaces. You can easily squeeze them into your closet or a corner in your room.
  • FREE UP SOME SPACE: Small items can easily turn into large clutter. Our 4 liter plastic bins provide a place to stash things like ornaments, toys, Legos, blocks and makeup. Create more space in your home in no time!
  • BUILT TO LAST: Our durable bins are made to endure. Its sturdy plastic material can withstand repeated use, keeping spaces organized over time. Secure latches provide added protection.
  • MINIMALIST DESIGN: The semi-clear plastic material gives our bin a clean and simple look. The brown handle and latches make for a lovely accent. You’ll love its understated elegance!
  • CONVENIENT QUICK CHECK FEATURE: These semi-clear bins allow you to quickly scan their content every time you’re searching for a specific item--no need to fumble through several boxes!