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4pcs 6x135 to 6x5.5 Forged Wheel adapters 2” with M14x2 studs for Aftermarket Wheels with 6x5.5 or 6x139.7 PCD, Compatible with Ford 6 Lug 6x135 to 6x139.7 for 2004-2014 F150 | 2003-2014 Expedition

Specification: Vehicle bolt pattern 6x135mm, wheel bolt pattern 6x5.5 or 6x139.7 PCD, SAE M14x2 Thread Pitch, 87.1mm Hub Bore, 4pcs 2"(50mm) thickness
RSOXTECH WHEEL ADAPTERS will widen your car's wheelbase, improving grip, handling, and precision. Developed in a special aluminum alloy through an innovative forging technology, afterwards they are wrought with CNC machine to obtain the perfect coplanar surface. They are heat treated to increase the mechanical resistance and next they are anodized to get the oxidation protection.
1.Spacers' PCD/ Bolt Pattern 6x135mm = Your Vehicles' s
2.Spacer’s Studs bolt pattern 6x5.5(139.7)= Your new wheel’s
3. Spacers' Thread Pitch M14x2 = Your Vehicles'
4. Spacers' Thread Length 34 ± 0.3 mm >= Your Vehicles'
5. Spacers' Hub Bore87.1mm = Your Vehicles'
Check the recommended vehicle Compatibility/ Fitment below, do not risk for inappropriate vehicle.
Compatible with 2004-2014 F150
Compatible with 2003-2014 Expedition
Compatible with 2003-2014 Navigator
Compatible with 2006-2014 Mark LT
Professional installation recommended. Alignment is necessary after installation, this will prevent any wobble and vibration from occurring. Avoid an impact wrench; improper usage may cause lug nuts/bolts to break or loosen while driving, it will take potentially accident or injury. Make sure you get 6-8 turns before tightening. Re-torque all lug nuts / bolts after 25-50 miles of driving, then again 1-2,000 miles. The back of the adapter must sit flush against the vehicles hub. No rust on the inner of hub and wheel while installing the Hub centric wheel spacers. If the studs do pass the face of the adapter, you will need to grind/cut them shorter.