5 Inch Coffee & Cocktail Stirrers/Straws [1000 Count] Disposable Plastic Sip Stir Sticks – Black

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Comfy Package's quality 5-inch tall & 5-mm wide [1000 Count Value Pack] black Plastic Sip Stirrers / Straws are an essential tool to have around the house, office, or to serve to your customers. The Comfy Package disposable straws are great for coffee, tea, cocktail, or any hot or cold drink for mixing and sipping. The coffee stir sticks come in a value pack of 1000 so there is plenty to last without running out. Take your favorite drink to the next level with the Comfy Package Plastic Coffee Stirrers.


  • Comfy Package [1000 Bulk Pack] 5-inch Disposable Black Plastic Sip Stirrers / Straws for stirring and sipping hot beverages like coffee, as well as cold drinks like cocktails.
  • As a 1000 value pack, it's perfect for your home, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, concession stand, school, and office breakroom.
  • With BPA-free food-safe and non-toxic plastic, it's the ideal stir sticks to pop into your hot or cold drinks.
  • Its 3 mm diameter and 5-inch height are perfect for both, sipping and stirring a cold cocktail in a martini glass or hot coffee in a coffee mug.
  • The straw's black color is great for enhancing your drink presentation and adding a classic touch to your coffee, tea, or cocktail.