500 CMS 1500 Form Envelopes - Self Seal Design - Perfectly Fits your HCFA Medical Billing CMS-1500 Forms - 4 ½ X 9 ½ Inch (Pack of 500)

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Save Time and Money Sending your laser CMS-1500 forms Quickly and easily send hundreds of claim forms with our easy to use self seal flap. Our latex self seal flap with low profile window design creates a wide opening so you can quickly stuff several pieces of mail into the envelope. Once sealed, no adhesive is exposed so you do not have to worry about the envelope sticking to other mail Business mail will be completely secure during transit It can be so difficult to find envelopes that create a strong lasting seal thus forcing you to waste time using glue sticks or tape to close the envelopes. Our strong adhesive is designed to immediately create a strong seal so you do not have to worry about your contents being exposed to others. Unlike weak sealing envelopes that allow your contents to fail out and become exposed, So much for a security envelope, Our strong seal will guarantee the safety of your contents. Security with a Professional Look It can be frustrating to purchase envelopes only to find them flimsy enough to have you worried about their durability during transit. Thick white paper, strong seal, and custom dark security tint creates look of professionalism that makes your customers more likely to open and read your business mail 100% Money Back Guarantee We stand behind our products completely. We understand that sometimes buying physical products can be difficult if you cannot physically see what you are buying, however, if our product is not exactly what you are looking for, or does not meet your expectation then send them back anytime for a 100 % refund.


  • Designed specifically for mailing the current HCFA 02/2012 CMS 1500 Forms. Your laser printed forms' addresses will show perfectly through the envelope window
  • Save time as you quickly stuff, seal, and send. Our unique right single window design is slightly larger making it easier to get the address to show through the window
  • Just flip the flap and seal for a strong lasting seal. Our security envelopes will quickly and easily create a strong seal for completely secure business mail.
  • Quickly send hundreds of medical forms with our easy to use self-seal flap that doesn’t require peeling, just turn the flap and seal.
  • Provides complete business mail security for your medical claim forms with our dark black security tint