500 Self Seal Number 10 Single Right Window Envelopes - Security Lining - Designed for Secure Mailing of Invoices, Documents, and Business Statements, 4 1/8 x 9 1/2 Inches, 500 Ct

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Save Time and money Sending Business mail with our No. 10 Single Window Security Envelopes Quickly and easily send hundreds of business invoices, bill statements, and checks with our #10 envelope design and cost effective gummed seal. Self-sealing flap with strong self-sealing adhesive makes for quick and easy mass mailings, saving you money on bulk business mailing of business statements, invoices, or checks Enough room inside for no. 8 or no. 9 return envelopes, so you can get paid faster Business mail will be completely secure during transit thanks to our dark security ting lining It can be so difficult to find envelopes that create a strong lasting seal thus forcing you to waste time using glue sticks or tape to close the envelopes. Our single right window envelopes with strong latex adhesive seals are designed to immediately create a strong closure so you do not have to worry about your contents being exposed to others. Unlike thin or weak sealing envelopes that allow your contents to fall out and become exposed, our strong seal locks in your envelope contents and guarantees the safety of your documents. Combined with our durable 24 lb white wove paper, a Blue Summit Supplies envelope ensures a professional look and feel from out of the box all the way to your destination. Single right window size is 4-3/4 ” wide and 1-1/8” tall Window placement is 4” from the left side of the envelope, and ½” from the bottom edge of the envelope 100% Money Back Guarantee We stand behind our products completely. We understand that sometimes buying physical products can be difficult if you cannot physically see what you are buying; however, if our product is not exactly what you are looking for or does not meet your expectations, then send it back anytime for a 100% refund.


  • Our number 10 security envelope is perfect for mailing invoices, billing statements, and other business mail where the address is formatted on the right
  • Just fold down flap and press to create a strong lasting seal. With no more headaches or bad tastes in your mouth from licking envelopes, our self sealing design is quick, easy, and guaranteed to stay sealed
  • Provides complete business mail security; your professional business mail will be completely hidden with our dark security tint design
  • Create professional looking mail with the added security of a single window envelope. Your business mail recipient address will show through the single right window, with your return address label added to the top left corner
  • Maintain a professional look and feel throughout transit with our durable 24 lb white wove envelope paper