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ACHIX Golf Putting Laser Sight Pointer Training Aids,Putter Laser Aiming Device Laser Putt Pro Swing Plane Practice Corrector Posture Indicator for Indoor Golf Putting Laser Alignment Tool

For a perfect stroke path, the Laser Putting Guide makes it very easy to visually check alignment and evaluate stroke by using a laser beam guide device.

It's a great training aid for golfers of all levels, from seasoned pros to beginners laser beam device is disposed in the housing for emitting a laser beam to serve as a reference indication line along which a golf ball is to travel.

The laser beam projects a linear array of laser dots perpendicular to the putters"Sweet Spot The putting aid is not only good for putters alignment but for all club's, It clips to all clubs. ☛Easily attaches to all golf putters

 ☛Give a laser guide line during your putt to check your putting plane

☛Fix your putt in seconds

Package Included: 1 * Golf Laser Sight Pointer Weight: 0.66 lbs Diameter:Length :5cm/1.97inch;Width:2cm/0.79inch; Height:0.6cm/0.24inch Material: Plastic