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Air Pump for Air Mattress, Air Mattress Pump for Inflatables, Quick Fill Inflator Deflator Air Pump Perfect for Outdoor Camping Inflatable Boat Blow Up Pool Water Toy Car Air Bed

Do you want to spare your time by speedy work of an electric air pump for indoor and outdoor activities so you can enjoy more?
This quick fill inflator/deflator is best fit for you.

Use with a lot of inflatables
This one for all kind of pump is best fit for any home. It can be an air pump for air mattress or pump for water and air mattresses, toys, pool toys, sofa sets, bath tubs, pool tubs and rings, rafts and Air Conditioners.

Small Compact Size, Convenient to Use
This Pump is very light weight and of compact size and can be easily stored, carry or transport. Its compact size makes it very convenient to store as it covers very less space.

Easy Operation
This pump has a dual motor which makes it very easy to pump in and pump out air from my product. It only takes 3-5 minutes to expand a mattress fully.

Noise Reduction
Its latest and advanced wheel design and strong metal impellers create very less noise when in use.

With 3 nozzles of various shapes
This product comes in a pack of electric pump and with 3 nozzles of various shapes and sizes to fit most of your products and toys.
Large Nozzles - Ideal for inflating aire mattress, bounce house, inflatable boats, etc
Medium Nozzles - Ideal for inflating airbed,inflatable pool,crafts, etc
Small Nozzles - Ideal for inflating small inflatable toys , swimming rings, etc

Product Information:
Name: Multi function Air Pump
Input: 100 - 240V AC 550/60 HZ or DC 12V
Output: 400 Litres of Air/Min 0.5PSI£¨3500PA)
Size: 12 * 10 * 11.5 CM
function: Inflator / Deflator

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and place your order for this very handy and useful product.