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Introducing the ALL FOR PAWS Outdoor Cat House, an insulated and heated cat shelter that promises to keep your cats warm and comfortable during the cold seasons. The outdoor cat house is specifically designed to provide a cozy indoor space for cats to stay warm during cooler weather. It includes a heating pad and a comfortable machine-washable sherpa mat, all housed within a durable water-resistant oxford fabric. The house features 2 entrances with a flat design to keep the warmth inside, ensuring your cats stay snug and secure. The heating pad comes with a power adaptor that features a 100-240V input and DC output, and a safe tube covered power wire power. The ALL FOR PAWS Outdoor Cat House is the best solution for an outdoor heated cat shelter, providing a warm and weatherproof space for your cats. It's easy to set up, requiring no tools—just pop the panels into place and secure them with the hook-and-loop fasteners. It's a perfect cat house outdoor heated solution, ideal for multiple cats. The house is also useful for feral cats, offering a heated outside cat shelter that is weatherproof and insulated. Its heated animal house design caters to the needs of outdoor cats in winter, providing a warm and safe space away from the elements. The ALL FOR PAWS Outdoor Cat House is a collapsible heated cat house, making it easy to pack away when not in use. It's a heated cat box outdoor solution that provides a warm and comfortable space for your cats. The heated pet house is also ideal for other small pets, offering a warm and cozy shelter during the cooler months. In summary, the ALL FOR PAWS Outdoor Cat House is a durable, insulated, and heated outdoor cat shelter. It's the perfect outdoor cat house with heat, providing a safe and comfortable space for your cats during the cooler months. Its durable and weatherproof design is perfect for outdoor use, ensuring your cats stay warm and comfortable all winter long.