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AMTAST Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner Fast Cleaning Sclerals Lenses Daily Care Contact Lenses with Vanity Mirror CE-3500

Tank material:SUS316 Stainless steel

Single tank capacity: 2ml

Power supply: DC 5V

Power: 3W

Common cleaning: 2 mins (once a day)

Strong cleaning: 5 mins (once a week)

Ultrasonic frequency: 58 KHz

Built-in battery: 1800mA

Power: USB power adapter


CE-3500 Charger Port is broken and can't put the charger in?

No, The hole is very small and no gap, when transport the shock may make it move, please use a small flat screwdrive to pull it up and then it's ok. Please note that do not touch the chips.