Aobaks 8.25' H 8 150mm Music Song, Playing Snowflakes, Led Light, 6/18 Timer, Santa Claus Christmas Water Snow Man Globe Gift Home Decoration (Blue), 7.2X7.2X8.25inch, (150mmlvsexueren)

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Dear Customer, Merry Christmas Congratulations on your new christmas snow globes decoration! diameter=150mm. Function=8 Musical christmas snow globe. falling snow winter lane snow globe christmas. rotation train or snowglobes. 6/18 Timer snowglobes christmas. Winter lane snow globe decoration (water snow globe) for gift Commissioning and handlingSet the ON1/OFF/ON2 switch to "ON" or "TIMER" to activate the device. The decoration has an "ON - OFF - TIMER" switch at the bottom. adapter (included) To turn on the decoration, slide the switch to the On position (with timing function with 8 musical snow globes) or TIMER (with timing function without musical snow globe) position. Timer function After 6 hours of running time, the decoration turns off automatically.This process is repeated endlessly.


  • 1.Size=7.20 inchX7.20 inchX8.25 inch. Made of durable glass and resin materials, beautifully painted and home christmas musical snow globes decorated. snowman santa snow globe
  • 2. 8 Musical christmas snow globes . christmas globe with adapter.
  • 3.Playing large Snowflakes snowglobes christmas. falling snow winter lane snow globe christmas
  • 4.Led Light christmas snow globe, christmas snow globes musical, 6/18 Timer the decoration, This process is repeated endlessly.
  • 5.Decorative table top 150MM snowglobes Jiangmin characteristic music house and pleasing flashing sphere.