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AppleRound Hippity Hoppity Hop Ball, Sit-on Bouncy Ball with Handle, 20in/50cm Diameter for Children Age 7-9, Space Hopper Hopping Ball, Pack of 1 Ball with 1 Pump, Cloud Colors (Blue)

AppleRound Space Hopper Ball (also known as Kangaroo Bouncer, Hopping Ball, Hippity Hop, Hoppity Hop, Hop Ball, Sit and Bounce, Jumping Ball) is children's favorite playmate!
This Hop Ball is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It will keep kids active, out in the fresh air for hours!
The Hopper can be inflated with a regular hand pump. A 9-inch two-way action pump is also included in the package for handy inflation.
Recommended Ages: 7-9 years old. Competent adult supervision is required at all times.
Maximum sustainable weight of 200lbs/90kgs.

Q1: The nozzle doesnt fit, I cant use the pump.
A: The inserted white plug (air stopper) on the ball must be removed first! Inflation Instruction:
Step 1: Take out the inserted white plug (air stopper) from the ball
Step 2: Insert the tip of the pump into the mouth (built-in variable aperture)
Step 3: Pumping the ball to proper size (usually 10 minutes for a 70cm ball)
Step 4: Quickly replace the plug back into the hole to stop air leak. Bounce!

Q2: Ball size is smaller than advertised.
A: Ball is made of rubber which will become much contracted being packed tightly into the box. Thus, keep pumping to stretch the rubber is the key. If it is hard to reach suggested ball size during initial inflation, users can leave the ball as it is for a day, and then pump again after the PVC material gets fully stretched.