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Aquarium Wi-Fi Fish Feeder Automatic Fish Feeders Auto Fish Food Timer Feeder for Fish Tank

LONDAFISH specialized in many kinds of aquarium products. We provide many kinds of professional fish tank filter,table aquariums,gravel cleaner,thermometer,automatic feeder,fish tank lights and other aquarium accessories. LONDAFISH sale the product in many countries all over the world LONDAFISH will try our best to meet your requirements and make the customer have a good experience when using our product.


  • Simple operation and installation:Lmanual and automatic and adjustable discharge port and 360 degrees rotation
  • Multiple sets of multiple flexible timing functions,can be automatically fed many times by week and date.
  • WIFI and VOICE CONTROL:You can download app on your phone and remotely control the feeder. Also, it comes with voice control, so that you can easily control the feeder by giving an voice order.
  • Intelligent servo system:It can be continue to work according to the feeding time that set during networking after disconnecting the network
  • Power outage feeding protection:The fish tank filter stops working during a long power outage.If put in the food at this time,it will increase the amount of nitrite in the water,Increase the oxygen consumption of water and accelerate the metabolic failure of fish