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Aurora Projector Galaxy Light Projector with Smart APP Control, Bluetooth Music Speaker, White Noise Sound Machine, 48-Scene Mode, DIY Light, IR Remote, Dimmable Multicolor, Compatible with Alexa

5 in 1 Aurora projector shines a universe of stars against a drifting Aurora and nebula cloud. It's your own personal galaxy! Tilting design allows you to shine the effect on walls or ceiling.

Sleeping under galaxy lights, create a sweet dream land for children and babys.
Enjoy dining with Aurora lights, provide a romantic environment,
Mesmerize your friends with awe inspiring ambiance for unwind in a soothing sendory encironment.
Play soft music with this bluetooth music speaker, create a peaceful world for Yoga or Meditation
You can also use it in game room, bedroom, party and other occasions.
It’s fun!

YunLone Aurora polaris projector brings together most of the amazing features, 4 monochromes, 6 bicolor, 4 trichromatic color, blink/fade in/fade out/static, brightness can be adjusted from 30% to 60% to 100%, nebula, ocean wave , stars and polar lights are perfectly blended. Change in turn to compose different lighting effects to help children inspire curiosity, imagination and creativity, and explore the mysteries in the starry sky.

Perfect Room Decor: YunLone Aurora Galaxy projector is the perfect decor for a room and ideal gift for birthday, Christmas, anniversary. Let the galaxy projector bring you a beautiful starry Aurora night and vast galaxies at your home, and turn your room into a home planetarium, allowing you to dream of space at night.

Built-in Hi-Fi Speaker: It only takes a few seconds to successfully pair the galaxy projector with the phone, enable to play your favorite music with this aurora projector! You can also play a lullaby to make yourself or your child fall asleep under the stars. Sound machine: The sound machine function produces a wide range of soothing background sounds: FAN, WHITE NOISE , THUNDERSTORM, CRICKET, RIPPLING WATER, OCEAN WAVE and 3 Lullabies Melody.

Package include:
1x Aurora polar lights projector
1x USB cable
1x Manual