Ausranvik 37 Quart Portable Fridge for Car Freezer, 12/24V DC 110V AC, Compressor Touch Screen for Vehicle Truck RV Camping Travel Fishing Outdoor Driving -4°F to 50°F

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Our portable fridge comes in a 37 Quart Net capacity to store or carry all your refreshments and meals. When traveling, the freezer can fit all your necessities while traveling. The portable freezer has impressive features such as smart control, which allows you to set the desired temperatures, ECO/MAX mode, and an LCD screen to display all your settings. The smart control also remembers all your previous settings. Our portable fridge is energy efficient with a thickness of 1.4 inches to give you better insulation. The freezer stays cold for a long time, thus consuming less energy; our control program is optimized, the compressor will not kicks on and off frequently, so it will have a longer life. The freezer comes with DC cable and AC adapter making it ideal for use in vehicles and home. You can also use the freezer for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, road trip, boating, and other events.


  • LARGE CAPACITY: With 35L large capacity, it could kepp stuff cool in dual tempurature zones, such as Seafood, Meats, Ice Cream for COLD zone and Fruits, Vegetables, Beverages, Cakes, Skin Care for COOL zone. Best for Picnic, Barbecue, Camping, Travel. Also Good for Home. Ideal gifts for women and men.
  • FAST COOLING and ENERGY SAVING:The aluminum tank inside can make the tempurature drop faster than plastic and keep tempurature longer without charging. The thick insulation (1.37 inches) enables the refrigerator to maintain 10 hours cooling after the power is turned off. Once the tempurature nearly reaches what you set, it will turn to Econ Mode from Max Mode. The designs also extend the life of compressor.
  • BATTERY PROTECTION: Battery Protection Mode, from high to low, prevents your car battery from exhausted. When the input voltage is lower than the minimum voltage, the compressor will power off. It saves your time to re-set with memory function for next time.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Our item features both DC cable and AC adapter, making it ideal for outdoors with 12/24V DC power, and indoors with 110V AC power source (Car Freezer Temperature Range: -4℉ to 50℉).
  • ANTI-PINCHING DESIGN:We make a new design near the door which can prevent fingers from injury. Meanwhile, bufer of closing door prevents slamming so that the LED control panel and door buckle can be used in a long time. TIPS: Please read the instruction before using the item, otherwise, it may cause unrepairable problems. If the refrigerator is turned upside down, please leave it correctly for 4-6 HOURS and then turn on the refrigerator.