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BABOBIU Electric Lighter Cool Lighter Windproof Eagle Lighter Flameless Candle Lighter USB Rechargeable Lighter with Cool Clock dial Gift for Men, Boyfriend, Husband (Colorful)

Product Name:BABOBIU Windproof Rechargeable Electric Lighter
Keyword:Electric Lighter、Plasma Lighter、Arc Lighter、Electronic Lighter、Rechargeable Lighter、Windproof Lighter、Unique Lighter、Cool Lighter、Candle Lighter、Christmas gift
1.Please keep it out of the reach of children due to its nice appearance.
2.Arc release point should be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will produce bad odour.
3.Don't touch the arc out of curiosity, it's very painful unless you like it.
4.Electronic products are very delicate, do not overuse at high frequency.