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Baby Sling and Ring Sling 100% Cotton Muslin, Ring Sling Baby Carrier Front and Chest Newborn Carrier Baby Carrier Wrap, Toddler Carrier (Navy Blue)

Mebien touche de la nature is established to supply pure natural, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly products. We strive to create a new & comfortable experience for all parents that wish to be close to their little ones.We offer you a product that speaks comfort, closeness, security, and care.


Mebien Slings are not just for Moms! Slings are also a great bonding tool for fathers, grandparents, and other caregivers. Especially for father, the perfect way to learn and understand their little one :) Let us make family outdoor walking enjoyable again.


We ’ve created a high quality, an all-natural, stylish baby sling made from only the best quality fabric to deliver blanket-like comfort & softness for both you and your baby. Muslin fabric, making it perfect to wear on those hot summer days but still thick enough to provide warmth in the cool of winter.


What Differentiate Mebien Slings From Others? ✅ Breathable: Muslin is a finely-woven breathable fabric. The open weave and lightweight fabric of muslin allow for airflow, reducing the risk of overheating.

✅ Durable: Mebien Slings withstands countless washes! A huge plus for parents!

Lightweight: Thin and lightweight, and the simple woven is easy to carry around with you.  ✅ Soft and Flexible: Not to mention it gets even better with age.

✅ Pre-washed: Mebien slings are prewashed.


Know Your Sling 

☘️ Our fabric is double face 100% Turkish Cotton Muslin.


☘️ ECO-FRIENDLY and Free of harmful chemicals, No chemical processes, just washed with water and dried after woven. It becomes smoother, softer after every wash.

☘️ Because of its double face, in summer it's more breathable and cool for the baby and keeps your baby warm in the winter.