BAMFOX Floating Shelves Wall Mounted, Rustic Wood Wall Shelf for Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen

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BAMFOX wall shelfSimple and stylish bmboo wood decorationWhy wall shelves are so popular?Do you suffer from storage because the room is small? Come join us and add a touch of unique color to your room through this product! Now it has become a trend to integrate natural customs into modern life. Therefore, the wooden wall shelf that can be stored and decorated has become a favorite choice.Product characteristics-Unique patterns and colors-Because each piece of wood is artificially finished, it retains its own texture and touch. Handmade charcoal spray paint makes each piece of wood unique! We guarantee the quality of the product. We cannot guarantee that every template is copied and pasted,but we absolutely believe that when you get it, you will be amazed by this small wooden board.-Easy and secure installation method-Because there are necessary tools such as screws, so only a screwdriver is needed, even beginners can install the wall shelf perfectly. Because it is firmly fixed with screws, it is difficult to adhere and has a sense of stability.-Wide application-Natural wooden shelves are different from ordinary plastic and MDF shelves. They are made with unique craftsmanship. They match well with metal shelves. They are suitable for living rooms, porches, bedrooms, offices and reception rooms, living rooms, and evening parties. Easily adaptable design for any simple walls such as conference halls.Size:10.5*5.8*4.4inMaterials:Wood & SteelWeight:0.77lbParts list:Shelving panel*1Bracket*2Screw (M3.5x10mm)*6Screw (M3.5x40mm)*6Anchor*6*Attention: Philips Screwdriver is not supplied


  • 【Natural wooden】BAMFOX's natural wooden floating shelves use high-quality wood, which is strong and light. The artificial charcoal firing of pinewood makes the texture and color of each board unique and meets your individual needs. May this wooden wall shelf add beauty to your simple wall.
  • 【High-quality texture】 The secret of high-quality texture is 100% solid wood. The wooden board is polished natural wood, with a smooth hand feel and natural texture. The bracket is made of painted iron metal that does not fade and rust. It is formed at a 90-degree angle and bends directly. It is stronger and more stable than the original welding.
  • 【Space Utilization】 Small and cute wall shelf. Because it is hung on the wall, the space-saving location is also free. Simply install it yourself at the height and place you want to decorate. In a room that feels a little lack of space, use this decorative frame to decorate your favorite plants, watches, photos, and other small things, you will have a stylish atmosphere.
  • 【Simple installation】 This wall mount is simple and practical and can be installed very simply. Because there are necessary tools such as screws (you only need to prepare a screwdriver yourself), as long as you strictly follow the order shown in the manual, even beginners can try the installation by themselves.
  • 【Multi-purpose use】The bracket uses solid metal parts, whether you are in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or office, you can create a stylish space on any simple wall. Whether it's a country kitchen, a bohemian room, or a modern apartment, everyone agrees that this wall shelf is aesthetically and functional.