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Base Stand for TCL Smart Tv - Legs for TCL Roku TV 28in 32in 40in 43in 49in 50in 55in 60in 65in 32S305 32S301 32S303 40S355 40S325 43S425 43S431 50S431 50S435 55S425 65S433 65S555 with Screws

Replacement for TCL Roku Smart Tv Stand Base. Compatible models: 28in - 28S305 28S405 TCL Samrt Roku TV. 32in - 32S355 32S331 32S325 32S301 32S303 32S305 32S327 32S359 32S330 32S334 32S405 32S401 32S359 TCL Samrt Roku Tv. Compatible models: 40in - 40S355 40S325 40S303 40S305 40S330 40S334 40S405 TCL Samrt Roku TV. Compatible models: 43in - 43S453 43S455 43S421 43S423 43S425 43S431 43S435 43S433 43S325 43S303 43S305 43S525 43S517 43S405 43S515 43S403 43S434 43S446 TCL Smart Roku TV Compatible models: 49in - 49S423 49S303 49S517 49S405 49S515 49S403 TCL Samrt Roku TV. Compatible models: 50in - 50S453 50S455 50S423 50S425 50S431 50S435 50S433 50S525 50S555 50S515 50S434 50S446 50S546 TCL Samrt Roku TV. Compatible models: 55in -55S453 55S455 55S421 55S423 55S431 55S435 55S433 55S525 55S555 55S517 55S401 55S403 55S434 55S446 55S546 TCL Smart Roku TV.Compatible models: 65S453 65S455 65S421 65S431 65S435 65S433 65S525 65S555 65S515 65S401 65S403 65S434 65S446 65S546 TCL Smart Roku TV. Note: Not universal and not for all models, kindly check the exact models listed before purchase. Includes screws& instructions: Save time looking for screws, and easy to install, you can complete the installation within 5 minuteswith Protective Pad: Non-slip and Anti-scratch, protect your TV cabinet from scratches, no worry to use.High Quality:High quality ABS, safe and steady to hold your TV.