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Beautysaid Peel and Stick Wallpaper Floral: Boho Wallpaper for Bedroom 17.5x196 inch Vintage Removable Wallpaper Black Pink Watercolor Peonies

Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper:Our floral wallpaper uses thick and textured, durable vinyl material, enhanced thickness, textured, environmentally friendly, durable, clean easily. Holiday Gifts for All Floral wallpaper: Floral wallpaper with beautiful watercolor design, the perfect combination of pink and white can create a Whole new look to liven up your space. Light touch feel the texture of decorative floral wallpaper on the surface, as if you are in the sea of flower in nature. The decorative wallpaper flowers have a seamless repeated pattern, which is super easy to line up the pattern. It will add a pop of color and brightened your home up and makes a great background for a photoshoot or video meeting. Floral wallpaper: Floral wallpaper is SUPER easy to install and remove without additional glue, simply peel and stick to any smooth surface. Floral peal and stick has grid lines on the back for easy measurement, use scissors to cut our adjustable floral peal and stick wallpaper to any size and shape you need. The adhesive floral wallpaper can be moved and has strong adhesion and is not easy to fall off. Tips: Make sure the walls are super clean and you have sanded down any imperfections on the wall so that it is COMPLETELY smooth. Use a credit card to get air bubbles out and a box cutter for edges. Floral wallpaper: Floral wallpaper not only can decorate walls as well as furniture, but also hide flaws very well. The textured wallpaper can be used on any smooth, flat surface to look good while protecting your walls or furniture. Floral wallpaper is great for bathroom, kitchen, laundry, countertops, cabinets, drawers, bookcases, TV backgrounds, desktop, drawer, baby room. Self-adhesive wallpaper is beautiful for both large and small areas! Also, it is a renter-friendly Removable flower paper. Your home will stand out with this rich nature print, whether you cover an entire wall or turn your bookshelf into a colorful statement piece.