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BenexBesdi Wireless Bone Conduction Hearing Impaired Headsets for Seniors Hard of Hearing - Wireless TV Listening Headphones with Sound Pickup Transmitter for Elderly to Watch TV and Communicate

How to watch TV?
Firstly, pair the bone conduction headset and transmitter.
1.Watch TV yourself: use 3.5mm audio cable to connect transmitter and TV audio out port or headset jack, TV sounds will come out from the headset and you can enjoy TV without bothering others.
2.Watch TV with your family
1) Just place the transmitter next to TV. Or
2) Use 3.5mm-RCA cable to connect transmitter to TV RCA audio out port.
Even if your family watch TV at normal sound but you cannot hear clearly, after adjust the volumes from the transmitter or headset, you can hear clearly.
Be sure to connect the transmitter with TV audio out port. Not working with audio in port.

1.During conversations, instead of clipping in the collar, you can put the sound collector box next to the sound sources and you would hear better.
2.The bone conduction earbuds are good at the people with eardrum aging hearing problem, but not effective for those with hearing nerve damaged.
3.If you hear echo, please place the transmitter away around 12inch(30cm).
4.If you have any problems to watch TV, please contact us for guidance.