Biocaf Coffee and Espresso Machine Descaling Powder, 900 g Jar

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Biocaf Coffee Machine Descaling Powder, 900 g Jar


  • MULTI-USE - This product can be used to descale coffee and espresso machines, as well as kettles
  • ECO-FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS - Formulated entirely from plant- and mineral-based ingredients that are biodegradable and phosphate free
  • BETTER THAN VINEGAR - This descaler is more effective at removing limescale than vinegar, works faster than vinegar, and is odorless
  • MAINTAINS EQUIPMENT - Descaling extends the lifespan of your machine, helping to prevent damage to heating elements, corrosion, and component malfunctions
  • VALUE SIZE - When descaling most household machines, use at a ratio of 1 oz descaler per 32 oz of water