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BLACK EGG Boar Bristle Hair Brush, Natural Bristles Hair Brush for Women Men Kids, Bamboo Hair Brush for Wet/Dry Hair Smoothing Massaging Detangling, Reduce Frizz Dry Restore Natural Shine

Human scalp secrete sebum every day. If not promptly cleaned or dispersed, then sebum accumulate, greasy in hair roots. Plug pores and scalp itching. The traditional comb is only responsible for combing hair. But this Boar Bristles hair brush can help massage your scalp and spread your sebum to protect your hair from roots to the tail. Prevent sebum accumulation and pore blockage. Reduce itching. Add shine and volume.
Black Egg Boar Bristles Detangling hair brush, body made of bamboo, Boar Bristles help massage scalp and spread sebum, add shine and volume, hair will be healthier. And added nylon pins easy to remove knot and tangles, suitable for all hair types.
Why you need this boar bristles hair brush ?
1.Daily use to build a softer and healthier hair, and add more shine to your hair.
2.Boar bristles do not generate static electricity, easy to remove knot and tangles.
3.the brush seals in split ends and gives elasticity to reduce breakage. Boar bristle brush distributes scalp sebaceous oils throughout the whole hair. it’s the best natural hair conditioner.
4.Perfect for all types of hair, women, men, children, especially short, thin, fine and normal hair.
5.Eco friendly natural wooden paddle, with smooth, warm, comfortable tactile impression and easy to grip with high texture.
6.Allows anybody to have beautiful, soft, shine,healthy and tangle-free hair.
Wooden hairbrush and comb have an antistatic rate of 99%. In particularly dry conditions, the brush may cause static electricity generation. When static electricity generation occurs, please drop a few drops of water or essential oil on the comb and static electricity will disappear.
⭕Maintenance instructions⭕:
1. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent cracking and aging.
2. Avoid using in high temperature and humid environment.
3. You can't shave with hard objects.
4. Avoid prolonged soaking in water.
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