Blue Diamond Ceramic Nonstick, Electric Contact Sizzle Griddle with Grill and Waffle Plates, Open Flat Design, Dishwasher Safe Removable Plates, Adjustable Temperature Control, PFAS-Free, Blue

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With its interchangeable griddle, grill, and waffle plates, the Sizzle Griddle Deluxe is a revolution in countertop cooking! The Sizzle Griddle Deluxe gives you 7 incredible ways to cook! Bring all your diner and restaurant favorites home with this authentic and versatile nonstick griddle featuring a total contact design so you get maximum sear to maximize flavor. Traditional countertop grills only contact some of your food, which results in uneven cooking and bland, tasteless meals. The Sizzle Griddle has a hinged top plate that lets you cook everything from crispy bacon to mile high sandwiches without a making a mushed mess. You can also open it to lay-flat for a full-size griddle with a compact counter footprint so you can cook for the whole family. The powerful 1200W design ensures fast heating and browning, while the extra fat and grease drains away into the included drip trays. The Sizzle Griddle is finished with Blue Diamond's diamond-infused ceramic nonstick, a metal utensil safe coating that is 5x harder and 10x longer lasting than traditional coatings. Diamonds also conduct heat 4x faster than copper, so the Sizzle Griddle delivers incredibly fast heating for every meal. This ceramic nonstick coating is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, so you can sizzle without worry. The removable plates are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.


  • Metal utensil safe, Blue Diamond’s signature diamond-infused ceramic nonstick is 5x harder and 10x longer lasting than traditional coatings
  • Diamonds are 4x more conductive than copper, so Blue Diamond heats faster and cleans up easier
  • Griddle plates give you total contact to devlier max sear and max flavor
  • Bonus grill and waffle plates give you 7 incredible ways to cook!
  • The lay-flat design offers the full griddle experience on your countertop
  • Metal utensil safe; Removable plates are dishwasher safe
  • Easy one-knob control: includes low, medium, high and sear settings
  • Top cover and handle automatically adjust to fit to your food
  • Extra fat and grease drain away for healthier meals, drip tray included
  • Powerful 1200W for fast heating and browning