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BLUERISE Ab Roller for Abs Workout Multifunctional Thicker No Noise Ab Roller Wheel Exercise Equipment Easy to Use Ab Roller Body Shaping for Personal Gym

Note:Please use the product according to your height and the length of the tensioner, otherwise there will be a risk of breakage!!! ✯At the first notch, the tube is 60cm and allows a maximum extension of 150cm.✯At the second notch, the tube is 50cm and allows a maximum extension of 125cm.✯ At the third notch, the tube is 40cm and allows a maximum extensio Why should the ab roller be made? 1. This product is practical, easy and convenient. It can give you a better shape, mainly used for shaping. 2. The product has moderate intensity and can be applied to a variety of people Product Title: ●Material:ABS+PP ●Size:17.2x7.6x5.2inch ●Weight:1.1kg ● Color:Green and Black ●Function:Body Muscle Tranning Product Specialty: 1.Bungee cord:This material is characterized by softness,strong resilience, wear-resisting, good comprehensive performance and high strength. It will not be affected by the strength,guarantee your safety. 2.Roller and the base:Adopting PP material, this material has toughness and strong impact resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and has a great bearing degree, so it is not easy to be deformed. 3.Handle: it Using ABS material, the material has stronger impact resistance, delimit, dimensional stability, moisture-proof, non-toxic and tasteless, is also a good insulator, give u a good product experience, and guarantee your safety. 4.Different buttons can adjust the strength of the size, the more the number of buckles will cause the greater power needed, eliminating the size of the restrictions.