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Brandzig 3ml Syringe with Needle - 23G, 1" Needle (100-Pack)…

Product Features:
✔️ Sealed and sterile.
✔️ Perfect for anyone with needle anxiety.
✔️ 100% leak-proof design.
✔️ Smooth, easy-to-operate plunger.
✔️ Clear graduation barrel with easy to read scale numbers.

About Brandzig!
Equipped with our vast, up-to-date knowledge and experience in the health care industry, our medical supplies are cutting-edge and catered to your needs.
By cutting out the middle-man, our customers win big!
We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products at a fraction of the cost you’ll find at most pharmacies.
Our friendly customer service team is ready, willing, and able to answer any, and all questions you may have.

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