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Cabtick Sunrise Alarm Clock, Bluetooth Speaker Sound Machine, Sunrise and Sunset Simulation, Snooze, Dual Alarms, FM Radio & Reading Lamp, 11 Natural Sound for Gentle Wake Up

Not only is it a sunrise alarm clock wake-up light, but also a white noise sleep aid, Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, night light/bedside light/reading light/ambient light. It is an ideal gift for children, teenagers, and adults.

Product parameters

Color: white

Battery Model: D7000

Power: 5V=1A

Battery composition: ternary + manganese

Battery type: Lithium polymer

Watt hours per battery: 1800mAh/6.66Wh

Specification: 4.4*7.6*6.5inches

Charging interface: Type-C


The alarm clock charging interface is Type-C, it is recommended to use it for a long time with electricity to avoid power outages that affect the experience of using it.

To restore factory settings, please press and hold the black button next to the charging port on the back.