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Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard 7.5-8-Inch Deck (8" Checker White)

Southern California Designs

Born and raised in Southern California, Cal 7's designs are influenced by the Golden State’s distinct culture and style. With multiple series, artist collaborations, and graphics to choose from, there is always a personalized choice for you! Complete skateboards are made to fit your riding style and meet your skating needs.

Affordable Quality

Designed for skaters by skaters. Cal 7 recognizes the crucial factors in producing quality skateboards that are easy-to-ride, maintain and can shred! Make a reliable choice with quality hardware without breaking the bank.

Skate Your Way Up

Whether you're practicing kickflips in front of the house, cruising, or hitting the skate park for the first time, this board adapts to you. Great for skating streets, parks, or verts, the perfect set of wheels for entry-level and advanced skaters.