Carter Mechanical Fuel Pump Automotive Replacement (M6737)

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With over 100 years of OE experience, Carter Fuel Systems delivers premium performance in fuel delivery technology. Carter has coverage for domestic, import, diesel, marine, off-road, HD, farm, and agricultural fuel pump applications. We design and manufacture our fuel pumps to deliver quiet operations, durability, resistance to contamination, and easy installation.


  • 100% FACTORY TESTED: Carter mechanical fuel pumps have undergone several factory testing and received approval for reliability and long term usage. Experience quality with a reassuring 12 month limited warranty with Carter mechanical pumps.
  • REDUCED CORROSION: Mechanical pump is located outside the fuel tank which provides the ultimate protection from corrosion and exposure to contaminates. Preserve your pump in the best condition while receiving reliable fuel.
  • SMOOTH & POWERFUL TRANSFER: Keep your vehicle running smoothly with Carter mechanical pump. With an enclosed camshaft, the pump is able to effectively carry fuel to the carburetor because every bit of fuel is suctioned and transported with ease.
  • SOLID STURDY BUILT: Tough in construction, Carter mechanical fuel system keeps fuel pressure at bay while effectively enclosing and guarding the fuel heat transfer.
  • VEHICLE FIT: American Motors Ambassador 1971-1970, AMX 1980-1978, Concord 1983-1978, Eagle 1988-1980, Gremlin 1978-1970, Hornet 1977-1970, Matador 1978-1971, Pacer 1980-1975, Spirit 1983-1979 and More