Cat Litter Box with Lid,Top Entry Kitty Sifting Litter Box Kitten Toilet for 8lb Cats,Enclosure Cat Litter Pan with Mat No Smell and Easy to Use (New Gray with Handle, Small)

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  • Enlarged Space: The wider and larger cat litter box allows for more space inside the tub and can accommodate cats up to 8 lbs. (For cats over 8 pounds, please choose the larger size.) Cats can move and turn around freely in it and get in and out without any problem.
  • Ventilation Design: The honeycomb round hole design at the top of the cat litter box facilitates air circulation, and the deodorant box at the top contains deodorant packs that help absorb odors and circulate the air inside the basin, making the cat's living environment more comfortable. The semi-closed design makes the basin odor-free and the air more fresh.
  • Anti-Sand: The hollowed-out pedal at the entrance of the litter box helps the cat litter stuck on the paws to fall back smoothly through the sparse pedal holes, avoiding the splashing of cat litter, keeping the ground clean and never worrying about affecting indoor hygiene.
  • Humanized Design: The portable carrying handle at the top of the litter box enables it to be took out more conveniently, bring it with your pet for outdoor activities and enjoy the pleasure of playing! The unique litter box presents a unique style that is more in line with your home aesthetics.
  • Easy to Clean: The use of high-quality environmentally friendly PP material, no odor and durable, to give cats long-term use more peace of mind, cats can enjoy every moment of pleasant time, the owner no longer have to worry about.