CAT'S PRIDE LITTER 317052 3-Pack Pride Fresh and Light Fragrance Free Scoop Jug for Cats, 15-Pound

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A low-dust, multi-cat formula that’s great at trapping and eliminating odors, so your cats stays happy and your home fresh and clean. Clay-based litter is made for fast clumping and easy scooping, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the entire box every day. Exclusive lightweight formula is 25% lighter than leading traditional scoopable clay litter and is safely designed for superior performance to keep your cats purring for a long time. Free of perfumes and dyes, so it’s allergy-friendly, making it safe and gentle for your furry friends and the entire family. A product the American Humane Society stands by, so you’re getting a great value and will feel good about giving your kitty the best.