Champion Sports Segmented Jump Rope for Fitness, 7 Feet Length, Red and White - Classic Beaded Jump Ropes for Physical Education, Gym Glass, Personal Use - Premium Skipping Rope for Kids, Adults

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Experience a fun, easy workout or recreational activity with this workout jump rope from Champion Sports This skipping rope features a lightweight, beaded design, providing a satisfying sound when it hits the ground that will help teach rhythm and improve coordination. The durable plastic jump rope for workouts comes in multiple patterns, providing kids with a fun activity at home, in physical education classes, or while at camp. Our jump rope for exercise and games makes it ideal for kids, but it also comes in a variety of lengths to accommodate any jumper It can be used as a beaded jump rope for adults, providing a great cardio workout for anyone. A jump rope workout for women and men is a fast, fun, and easy way to burn calories and improve breathing and cardiovascular health. Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable way to stay in shape or a way to let your kids have fun with jump rope games, our beaded rope is perfect for everyone At Champion Sports, we want to provide high-quality, exceptional fitness, and workout equipment that offers endless fun and helps you reach your exercise goals Our skip rope for women. Get ready for fun with our amazing beaded jump rope Product Details: (1) Jump Rope; Colors: Multiple colors based on length; Also Available in 6’, 7’, 8', 9’, 10’ and 16’.


  • Ready for fun: Get ready to jump with this beaded kids jump rope for girls and boys from Champion Sports This colorful workout jump rope has a lightweight, durable design that is the perfect piece of equipment for games and exercise
  • Classic design: This skipping rope features traditional plastic segments that are perfect for cardio workouts and having fun The sound of the beads hitting the floor with each rotation helps develop rhythm and improve coordination
  • Perfect for any jumper: This kid’s jump rope is 7 feet long, but they are available in multiple lengths to accommodate adult jumpers. Each fitness jump rope comes in bright red and white to make it fun for anyone to use.
  • Great for exercise: Whether you’re looking for an easy, fun workout or playing games with friends, our jump rope for kids is the perfect piece of equipment. This skip rope can be used for cardio workouts, physical education, or youth camps