Chapin 82400B Spreader, Blue

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Chapin Professional Spreaders were built to provide all of the features and functionality needed for reliable, efficient performance. The 82400B 100-Pound Professional Salt Spreader has a large one-piece poly hopper, a rugged stainless steel frame, solid linkage for full gate control, a stainless "guillotine" style gate designed to cut through clumps of rock salt, a spiked, Poly auger to minimize clumping and improve product flow, enclosed metal gears with grease fitting, front and side baffle system for edge control, and 14-inch pneumatic tires to cover just about any terrain. Snow/rain cover is also included.


  • 100-Pound professional salt spreader with wide-mouth hopper
  • Solid linkage for full gate control
  • Stainless "guillotine" Gate to shear clumps of rock salt
  • Enclosed metal gears with grease fitting
  • Baffle system for edge control and pneumatic tires for just about any terrain
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Rugged stainless steel frame
  • SNow/rain cover is included