Cuchina Safe 2-in-1 Cover ‘n Cook Vented Glass Microwave Plate Cover and Baking Dish; Easy to Grip for Baking and Serving

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The commercial-grade glass Cover ‘n Cook™ has multi-functionality as a microwave PLATE COVER and a 2 quart serving/baking dish. "Flip over" design will make this a must-have for your homemade pies,casseroles,quiche and much more. Reheat those leftovers the next day using the inverted COVER ‘n COOK™ as a plate cover. Scalloped edges allow for venting to steam. Cook,Reheat and Steam food in the microwave and conventional oven up to 450°. Made from sturdy,(2.65 lb) Borosilicate glass (the original Pyrex formula), freezer safe and oven-to-table. Steam or bake vegetables,rice, seafood - Reheat leftovers - Cook cereal,omelets, pasta and more. Keep your microwave clean and splatter free. Eco-friendly glass is clean, durable and non-porous. Not to be confused with the Cuchina Safe Lids, the Cover n Cook is not designed to cover bowls.Overall size with handle -11" diameter. By design, the 11" Cuchina Safe Lid™ can be added to make a perfectly matched set when using the Cover 'n Cook as a baking/steaming dish. Now home chefs have another stylish companion product that poses little health risk associated with using plastics ( BPA and BPA-FREE) in the microwave. Invented by a breast cancer survivor Susan Castriota who was concerned about chemicals leaching into food while being microwaved. See "how to" recipes on the website. cuchinasafe. ONLY PURCHASE FROM CUCHINA SAFE, DO NOT BUY FROM A THIRD PARTY!


  • VENTED GLASS: This 2-in-1 microwavable Cover ‘n Cook can be used as a 2 quart baking dish or a glass plate cover. Our patented design with unique vents and concentric rings, hold the lid in place, allowing for easy and healthy cooking
  • CLEAN & DURABLE: Cuchina is made from tough borosilicate glass, a less toxic alternative to plastic. This glass won’t absorb smells or bacteria like plastic and silicone. Oven safe (up 450 degrees) and dishwasher safe
  • PRACTICAL: Steam, reheat, cook and retain nutrients with our patented flat design. A built in splatter guard helps to keep appliances and countertops clean
  • CUCHINA SAFE: Our products are the non-toxic alternative to plastic lids, wraps and paper towels commonly used in microwave cooking. Breast cancer survivor Susan Castriota’s innovative design will change the way we microwave! It’s time to throw away those nasty plastic lids and plastic wraps for a healthier glass alternative
  • SINGLE-PACK: Cuchina Safe’s durable lids are a safer alternative and handy kitchen multi-taskers, too—and we think that makes them a double good idea