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Cute Ceramic Puking Chicken Egg Separator Funny Vomiting Chick Egg Yolk and Egg White Separator for Kitchen Baking Small Tools (Yellow)

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Product name: egg separator
Material: ceramic
Size: 3.031inch(diameter)*2.795inch(height)
Technique: hand-painted color
Capacity: two eggs each time
Net Weight: 125g
Way to Use Egg Separator
1.Break egg by the irregular tip on the top.
2.Pour egg into the separator.
3.Lean the separator to pour out the egg white through small mouth.
4.Turn over the separator to pour the egg yolk.
5.Completely separate egg white and yolk.
Small Size, Exquisite and Practical
Egg separator is designed in egg shape
The hand-painted, vivid and lovely appearance of chick
Demonstrate its wonderfulness and vividness
It’s practical for use.
The design inspiration comes from the going-to-be-out-of-egg chick
Along with the lovely design shape, facial expression
To add interest to boring life.
The colorful part is hand-painted.
The separator can contain two eggs each time
The hollow-out design mouth for the egg white
To separate the egg white and yolk easily.
Ceramic includes pottery and porcelain. High-temperature-heated ceramic features hardness, fineness, lustrous glaze and fastness. It is not easy to deform and easy to be cleaned.
The egg separator can be used in microwave oven or be cleaned by dish washing machine.
1.Pls select button of Ceramic & Crystal Clean on dish washing machine
2.Use toothpaste on towel gourd or soft cloth to erase scratch on the egg separator
3.Use lemon water or vinegar to clean dirt on the egg separator