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Depend Silhouette Incontinence Underwear for Women Maximum Absorbency XL Pink 48ct

Depend Silhouette Women?s Incontinence Underwear helps you manage incontinence with confidence. Choose disposable underwear you can trust by using our maximum-absorbency incontinence underwear to protect against bladder incontinence or postpartum bladder leaks. And say goodbye to bulky adult diapers by saying hello to premium shapewear fabric for invisible comfort and protection. Our disposable underwear even features ultra-soft liner to be gentle on skin and tailored leg elastics for a comfortable snug fit. Plus our CleanFresh layer locks away odor and wetness instantly to keep you fresh and dry all-day long. Find your perfect look with four sizes?small (26?34 waist) medium (32?42 waist) large (40?52 waist) or extra-large (50?60 waist)?and stylish colors like black pink lavender or berry. Some more good news: This Depend adult incontinence product is FSA-eligible in the U.S. Thanks to Depend Silhouette you?ll get maximum protection designed for your body with more sizes a better