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doder Crampons, TPE Traction Cleats Anti Aging Recyclable Anti Rust for Hiking (L)

1. Strong Material: Made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE, with high elasticity, aging resistance, oil resistance and recyclable. The claws are made of stainless steel, anti rust.
2. Good Performance: Steel spikes are made of high quality imported stainless steel. Each steel spike is overheating hardening for good strength and durable, rust resistance, which suitable for various complicated surfaces.
3. Good Flexibility: High quality material can provide good flexibility, its color is still bright after stretching while the ordinary rubber will turn white after stretching, particles appear faintly.
4. Non Slip: High strength steel spike, fixed with 19 spikes, excellent anti slip effect, good strength, not bending, especially suitable for outdoor activities.
5. Eco Friendly: Not second hand recycled material production, environmental protection and non toxic, widened and thickened, thickness up to 5mm/0.2in.

Item Type: 19 Spikes Crampons
Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE + Stainless Steel
Color: Black
Application: For Hiking, Walking, Mountaineering
Features: 1. Using Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE Material, High Elasticity, Aging Resistance, Oil Resistance, Recyclable
2. Stainless Steel Claws, Anti Rust.

2 x Crampons
2 x Hook And Strap
1 x Storage Bag