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DOITYOURSHELVES Customizable Modular Designer Bookshelf. Floating Shelves or Book Shelves for Living Room or Home Office. Real Hardwood Wall Shelves Bookshelves Premium Hanging Shelf

DO IT YOURSHELVES is an all hardwood, hand-crafted hanging bookshelf, that can be used in any home or office space. 

We are 2 industrial designers with our own studio in New York City. We took a great deal of time and effort into designing a shelf with ample flexibility and freedom to extend, this design can be pieced together in a number of compositions of preference, in any room, small or big. 

Each shelve is very easily removed and placed again into the position that you want, without any screws or need of tools. So when you buy one of our DIY you can customize the shelves into any need or look that you want (see illustrative video and pictures). The design possibilities are endless. If you want you can combine more than one unit to make a bigger and beautiful wall of shelfs (see picture and videos). Installation couldn't be easier. 

The whole process will take you less than 5 minutes and if you have any doubts all our products came with an instruction manual. 

★ We are really proud of what we have designed and believe that you will really like it. Thank you for considering having one at your home or office! ★


Frequently asked questions:

① Do you have to screw this to the wall? Yes, this is a hanging bookshelf, designed to be wall mounted.

② Are all components included to assemble? Yes, you will just need a screwdriver and a drill for the 3 holes you will need, and that's it!

③ Is this shelf solid wood? Yes it is! our products are made from real hardwood.

④ Into how many compositions can I customize the shelves? It depends on you, if you get more than one kit, the possibilities grow by 10x.