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Dome Chandelier White - Threshold designed with Studio McGee-Brand new

Give any living space a quick refresh while keeping your aesthetic crisp and stylish with the Dome Chandelier in White from Threshold? designed with Studio McGee. This metal chandelier features a four-arm design that extends from a cylindrical base and is fitted with dome fixtures at the end of each arm. The white color helps create airy dimension in your space while still supporting the understated design, and the 44-inch width makes a statement without overwhelming your space. Install it above the dining room table to cast a welcoming glow over family dinners, or use it to anchor the design scheme in your living room, office or den. Meet Shea McGee, the designer and stylist behind the brand Studio McGee. Founded alongside her husband, Syd, the studio is known for Shea?s design of beautifully elevated spaces that encourage clients to surround themselves with the things and people they love. Now she?s partnering with Threshold to offer Studio McGee?s classic design in a new collection for inspired ho