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Downtown Pet Supply Dog Potty Grass - Puppy & Dog Housebreaking Supplies - Dog Potty Pad Replacement - Washable Turf Grass Dog Pee Pads - 16 x 20 in (Grass Mat Only)

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Dogs are naturally clean animals, so they do not like to soil their own den. This dog potty training pad will make it easier for your pet to learn where to go when nature calls.
Soft grass feel will mimic real grass to the paws and make potty training a breeze. It is easy to clean, portable and weatherproof, so you can use it anywhere you like.
Washable pet potty grass mat with tray is treated with antimicrobial odor control. We recommend replacing turfs every 3-5 months.
At Downtown Pet Supplies, we've been making our own products for years. Why does that matter? We stand behind our products!
We are proud pet owners first and business owners second. We understand that a pet is a family member and that means they should be cared for, trained and pampered with the best pet supplies out there.
Excellent quality at an affordable price with the best possible service. That’s why our products typically cost a bit less than the other guys.
Think of us as your personal shoppers. If you bring it home and it isn't perfect, we'll send you a new one immediately, no questions asked! We stand behind our returns policy.