Dragonhawk Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Mast Tour Tattoo Machine 20Pcs Wjx Cartridges Needles Power Supply Foot Pedal Professional Complete Tattoo Kit D366 (Mast Tour Kit)

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Package include: One Mast Tour rotary tattoo machine 20Pcs WJX cartridges DragonHawk RCA cord DragonHawk tattoo power supply One carry gift case Foot pedal Mast Tour tattoo machine is our brand smallest machine that could be bagging very easy. This tattoo machine made for travelling and need to place easy tattoo artists. LED light working. This tattoo machine frame part is separate with the grip. Clean the tattoo machine frame easily. And the grip is autoclavable. Seamless frame that protect the inside of the machine. Pen-style rotary tattoo machine for use with needle cartridges. Compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies. Machine frame are made from solid rods of high grade aluminum then polished and anodized, laser engraved logo. The grip is safe to be sterilized in an autoclave. Rotate the grip to remove it or adjust needle depth. Machine had a high quality stainless steel spring inside its body mechanism. Special mechanism makes a good direct hit together with enough softness. Perfect machine for all kind of works. Lining, fine dotwork, color parcking, shading, black and grey realistic


  • Dragonhawk Tattoo Pen Kit: Mast Tour small rotary tattoo pen machine for precise line work, black and grey shading, solid color packing. Easy to start your tattoo art.
  • Wjx Tattoo Cartridges Needles: Perfect used for Tour tattoo pen, USA patent increase ink storage, absorb inks faster, injection average and running smooth for each hitting, reliable for all-purpose work. Membrane mechanism prevents ink spitback, safe and individually packaged.
  • Tattoo Power Supply: Dragonhawk tattoo power supply provide quick and accurate activation/voltage adjustments. Improve your machine reliability and efficiency with smooth consistent power output.
  • Mast Tour Tattoo Pen Machine: This rotary tattoo machine has 3.5mm stroke length. Needles Depth: 0-4mm. Tested lots of times and use polymer materials RCA jack. Gives a possibility to pack faster, more quality and less trauma. Perfet tool for tattoo artists.
  • What You Get: Dragonhawk tattoo kit brand customer service is reliable for all beginners and artists in worldwide. Small mast tour pen machine, 20pcs wjx needles, power supply, foot pedal, rca cord, grip covers.