Extension Cord Cover Connector Box Electrical&Extension Cord Protection Waterproof Blue Capsule Shaped,Cenipar Brand 3 Pack

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WEATHER RESISTANT Whether it's a snow day, a rainy day, or a sandstorm, you can safely use it. WHAT IT IS: Electrical Connection Box create a watertight sealed space to keep the indoor and outdoor electrical connections dry and safe. It can withstand strong impact and gravity. SMALL THINGS BIG USE: The protection cover is highly durable and UV resistant, making it very suitable for harsh outdoor environments.protect outdoor landscape lighting, pool pump, power tool, fountain, Christmas decorations and other devices .Dark green also blends well with the landscape of your garden and yard. WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE:Cenipar Electrical/extension cord protection cover (Dark green 3 Pack). WHY CHOOSE US: We will strictly carry out the quality-control project, which will enable our customers to buy with confidence and use with satisfaction.


  • 💙WEATHERPROOF AND WATERPROOF:The electrical junction box creates a waterproof sealed space to keep indoor and outdoor electrical connections dry and safe. Whether it's snowing🌨, raining🌧 or sandstorms🌪, you can use it with confidence (⚠The outdoor extension cord safety cover with waterproof seal should not be submerged in water for a long time, even the most waterproof material is not infinitely waterproof, please keep it circuit safety).
  • 💙PROTECTION OF CIRCUIT SAFETY:We have made a sealing ring design on the edge of the seal-resistant wire cover to make the product fit perfectly with the power cord. Water is blocked from entering the sealed waterproof electrical protective cover. Capsule-shaped extension cord connectors can withstand strong shocks and gravity. Safe enough to prevent electrical shorts, trips and explosions. The buckle design prevents the cover from being accidentally opened.
  • 💙WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION :The capsule shape design allows the water to flow down the curved surface, which plays an additional waterproof function. Ideal for a variety of outdoor and indoor applications, including lawn and garden power tools, Christmas holiday lighting, landscape decor, pool pumps, fountains, fish ponds, patio heaters, air conditioners, security cameras, and more. Dark green also blends in with your garden and patio landscaping. The blue blends well with the pool.
  • 💙LARGE COMPARTMENT & UNIVERSAL:The wire entry point of the extension cord safety cover protector can accommodate 12/14/16 gauge wires. The case measures 8.14 inches long and 2.68 inches wide. Regardless of your wire size, you can slide to adjust the position of the limiter to accommodate different connection lengths, ensuring a snug fit no matter the wire size!
  • 💙WHY CHOOSE US:60-day warranty, risk-free shopping. We will strictly implement quality control projects, so that our customers can buy with confidence and use them with confidence