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FitBeast Hand Strengthener Grip, Adjustable Resistance 40-100 LBS Grip Strength Trainer, Metal Hand Exerciser for Strength, Hand Squeezer Grip Strength, Wrist & Finger Hand Gripper with 2 NBR Covers

Features of FitBeast Hand Grippers:

1. Adjustable different levels of grip design, (40LBS, 60LBS, 80LBS, 100LBS) can meet your different training needs.

2. Aluminum handle, strong and durable, not easy to rust.

3. High-quality steel spring: high-density steel, sturdy and durable, not easy to break, and the metal appearance is more textured and advanced.

4. Non-slip diamond design: Clear diamond design, non-slip handle, will not hurt your hands.

5. NBR protective gloves, soft and comfortable, can prevent your hands from rubbing during use, and protect your hands during training.

6. Reduce hand pressure, help hand injury exercise, and enhance girp strength.

7. Knob design, easy to adjust: the unique design of the knob makes the adjustment easier, and the aluminum nut is firmer and not easy to damage.

8. Unique adjustable slot: The unique slot design makes adjustment easier. This will help you find the correct repair location. Easy to repair and won't shake.

What makes FitBeast wrist strengthener improved?

1. Adjustable hand workout squeezer

The adjustment intensity of the FitBeast grip exerciser strengthener is increased from 40LBS to 100LBS, and you do not need to purchase multiple grippers to meet your different resistance needs.

2. Protective gloves

NBR gloves can prevent hands from being hurt by the diamond surface. Even if you use it with maximum strength, it will not hurt your hands.

3. Easy to use and easy to repair

The hand grip exerciser is designed with a knob, which is easier to adjust and fix. Each adjustment force has a card slot. After the adjustment is complete, it will be very firm and will not slide.

4. High-quality products

Using high-quality materials, the spring is more robust and durable. With waterproof coating, the handle is not easy to rust.