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Flexible Solar Panel 100W, Lightweight Bendable Mono Solar Panels Charger Off-Grid, Innovative New Strong Encapsulant for Hiking, Marine Yacht, RV, Boats, Cabin, Tent, Car, Trailer, Curve Surfaces

-Durable with ETFE film, new innovative encapsulate, no glass.
-Unique frameless design includes 6 metal reinforced mounting holes for easy installation
-Light weight,easy to carry, easy installation.
- The new encapsulate material makes the solar panel stronger and has longer work time. It protects the solar cell inside from being broken a better way than traditional one.
- Durability: While placing the solar panel on a smooth surface, it is so strong that people can walk on it without breaking it. But other traditional types of solar panel cannot.
-Thin : the thickness is only 3mm, easy to be installed to your yacht or RV roof , boat etc.
-Solar energy conversion rate up to 21%
-ETFE film is more weather resistant , dust resistant. It has life span as long as tempered glass
-Wide use applications: Golf car, Yacht, boat, caravan, electric car, travel tourism car, patrol car, roof, camping, roof power generations, tent, portable bag, backpacks, portable generator kits etc.

Panel Specifications:
Maximum power: 100W
Maximum Voltage: 18V
Junction box
Cell type: Monocrystalline
Efficiency: 21%
Material: EFTE+ EVA + PET
Maxium Array Setup: 4 units in series, 5 strings in parallel.

It can be used as an alternative charger for cars, trucks, caravans, ships, motorcycles, RV batteries or any 12V lead-acid batteries.
Suitable for outdoor emergency charging, pet room with fan cooling ventilation, car recharging, 12V battery charging, etc.

Package Included:
1 × solar panel

1. Do not make the positive and negative poles of the alligator clip touch or connect to each other, otherwise it will cause short circuit and burning.
2. Although the solar panel is bendable, it is not recommended to bend the solar panel repeatedly. If doing so, the solar cells inside may degrade rapidly or got damanged.