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Franklin Mint Franklin LV4-D English-Spanish, Spanish-English Talking Bilingual Dictionary,Talking Dictionary. Student Dictionary. Talking Phrase Book

Designed with students and language learners in mind for both native Spanish speakers or native English speakers to augment their proficiency. A must-have in a portable format with its contents designed with you in mind! Built-in Dictionaries -Large, Powerful, and Professional Dictionaries are integrated. Phrase Books -Covers from many most common phrases with a vast majority of topics everyday expressions to specific phrases. Learning -Lessons, Tests, and Grammar. Voice -Speaks words and phrases for all languages. -True and native human voice. Expand Language -Regional language cards are available for your choice. Specification -LCD 4.5” mono-color LED Backlight, 320 x 160 dots, about 14 lines x 65 characters. Description: Talking Dictionary *Great English - Spanish Dictionary 150,000 words, 1.000.000 Translations *Great English - English dictionary (80.000 headwords, 250.000 Translations) *English Medical Dictionary (46,000 headwords, 500.000 Translations) *English Drug Dictionary (5,700 headwords 150.000 Translations) *Great Spanish - English Dictionary 150,000 words, 1.000.000 Translations *Spanish -Spanish Dictionary (65,000 headwords & 300,000 words) Talking Phrase Book *English-Spanish-English Phrase Book (7,000 phrases). *covers most common words, phrases, idioms grammar, sentence patterns, and everyday expressions. in all general categories, such as: tourism, health, business, law, military, and education, etc. Pronunciation: *True human pronunciation for Spanish and English. *Optional Computer Pronunciation provides a slower pace by separately pronouncing each individual word in the phrase can help one to clearly distinguish the correct pronunciation for each word. *Speaks all Spanish and English Phrases, Words, or Phrases in built-in Dictionary and Phrase Book. *Adjustable audio speed lets you hear the voice in a natural expression or a slower speed can help you to follow the voice pronunciation. *Recording your pronunciation