GE Pro 6-Outlet Surge Protector, 2 Ft Extension Cord, 620 Joules, Power Strip, Flat Plug, Integrated Circuit Breaker, Wall Mount, UL Listed, White, 40532

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Experience expanded power with the GE-branded 6-Outlet Surge Protector Featuring six grounded outlets this extension cord transforms your regular outlet into a versatile efficient powering station The dynamic 2ft range of this power strip makes it a must-have when you need power and protection from a distance This hard usage service cord is constructed of heavy-duty cable housed in a durable PVC insulation and jacket The space-saving design of the flat plug is engineered to allow the power cord to sit close to the wall This unit also features a surge protection rating of 620 Joules an integrated circuit breaker with reset switch and automatic shutdown technology to safeguard your electronics from harmful voltage spikes The included keyhole slots on this extension cord make it a breeze to mount to a wall desk workbench or counter No more fumbling with your power strip — create a permanent plug-in for your various electronics with the GE-branded 6-Outlet Surge Protector


  • Expanded Power – Each Extension Cord Comes In A White Finish And Features 6 Grounded Ac Outlets To Provide Power From A Distance — Perfect For Creating A Centralized Hub For Your Electronics At Your Home Office Workshop Or Garage
  • Versatile Cord – 2Ft Power Cord Comprised Of Heavy-Duty Cable Housed In A Durable Pvc Insulation And Jacket Is Strong Enough To Last A Lifetime And Pliable Enough To Easily Fully Extend The Space-Saving Design Of The Flat Plug Is Engineered To Allow The Power Cord To Sit Close To The Wall
  • Protection — Featuring A Surge Protection Rating Of 620 Joules An Integrated Circuit Breaker With Reset Switch And Automatic Shutdown Technology This Extension Cord Is The Ultimate In Protection From Voltage Spikes And Circuit Overloads
  • Functionality – Included Keyhole Slots Make This Unit Easy To Mount To A Desk Table Or Counter A Reset Switch Puts Power At Your Fingertips For Easy Control Of Your Electronics