Ginsey Home Solutions 80009 Ginsey Soft, Black Elongated Toilet Seat

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When it comes to true comfort in the bathroom, look no further than the Ginsey Elongated Soft Toilet Seat in Black for a bathroom experience that equates to true rest and relaxation. Designed in a subtle, yet stylish, black colorway, this toilet seat is a perfect complement to any bathroom décor. Made with a thick, plush foam core, this toilet seat is constructed with durable materials that will stand the test of time. The foam core also serves as an ideal alternative for alleviating back pains or other discomfort that comes with using a hard seat. The heavy-duty, soft vinyl surface of this seat resists getting cold, ensuring every time you take a seat is pleasant and warm. Equipped with sturdy, plastic hinges that are strong enough to resist wiggling around, this toilet seat stays firmly in place when securely fastened to the toilet. The base of this seat features 4 thick, protective bumpers that prevent scratches and scrapes on the surface of your toilet, as well. Cleaning this seat is simple; use mild cleaners or soap and water to wipe it clean. This elongated toilet seat fits almost all elongated toilets with ease. Featuring an easy to install design, all hardware is included so this seat is ready to use when you are!


  • TRUE COMFORT DESIGN: Made with a thick, plush foam core and wrapped in heavy-duty, soft vinyl this toilet seat provides true comfort in the bathroom and avoids causing aches and pains that may come with using hard toilet seats
  • STURDY HINGES: The hinges on this toilet seat are sturdy, strong, and won't wiggle around or shift once they are secured to the toilet
  • FOR ELONGATED TOILETS: This toilet seat is designed to fit on most elongated toilets
  • EASY TO CLEAN: To clean, simply wipe the toilet seat with mild cleaners or soap and water
  • HARDWARE INCLUDED: All hardware needed for installation is included in the package so it is ready to install as soon as it is received