Glass Bottle Cutter, Fixm Bottle Cutter Upgraded Version, Round, Square Bottles and Bottlenecks, Suitable for Bottles of Wine, Beer, Whisky, Champagne, Water and Soda(Black)

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IMPROVED MODEL: The 95 degrees lateral plate that can be detached actually allows you to cut much bigger square bottles of 750ml or above in a better way. The 8 specially-designed return rollers can help you firmly fix the bottle in a right position and cut it more accurately. VERSATILE-USE: This type of glass bottle cutter is way suitable for all kinds of bottles of different sizes and shapes, like round bottles, square bottles or bottle necks. The bottles of wine, beer, whisky, champagne, water or soda are totally acceptable.There is nothing you could do about it if the bottle is embossed. EASY TO OPERATE: The cutter head can be switched positions freely because of the inverted molding machine and regulating hole in multiple dimensions. The extra 8 supporting wheels can keep the bottle in a fixed place instead of moving around on the glass bottle cutter.


  • UPGRADED VERSION: We provide you with a 95-degree detachable lateral plate for this glass bottle cutter, which enables you to cut bigger square bottles of 750ml or above. Additionally, there are 8 specially-designed supporting wheels to help you better stabilize the bottle and cut the bottle in a more accurate way.
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST GLASS BOTTLES: It can be applied to round bottles, square bottles and bottle necks of various dimensions and shapes. You can find bottles like wine, beer, whisky, champagne, water or soda. You can cut any bottles you prefer with this amazing glass bottle cutter unless the bottle is engraved with embossed pattern.
  • EASY OPERATION: With an inverted molding machine and a regulating port in multiple dimensions, the cutter head can be switched the position in accordance with your needs. The 8 return wheels can be firmly secured to the glass bottle cutter. Therefore, you don’t have to use too much force to cut a bottle.
  • RECYCLE USE: With this glass bottle cutter, we can reuse the bottles that are supposed to throw away to DIY a variety of decorations, such as lamp covers, candlesticks, candle lights, vases, etc. It can protect our environment to some extent. Moreover, it can boost your innovative mind and create a sense of art.
  • SOMETHING EXTRA: It is a complete set of bottle cutter tool kit. Besides the glass bottle cutter, the package includes 1 * cross screwdriver, 4 * abrasive paper, 2 * fixed rubber rings, 1 * holder, 4 * screws and 1 * user manual. You can feel free to cut the bottles you really like and create your own DIY works.